Lee Mebel - Founder

With more than 15 years of experience in HR and Talent Acquisition for hyper-growth technology or CPG companies such as Matillion, Apto, Halo Top and Wild Tonic as well as larger corporations including The North Face and Zayo Group, Lee understands that a successful business requires high-performing employees to flourish. 

His unique skill set especially augments hiring during the fragile growth cycle from startup to medium-sized companies. He then often replaces himself by developing and executing an in-house Talent Acquisition strategy for these companies when they’re ready.

Lee brings to his professional life the same energetic zest for adventure and affinity for positive interpersonal relationships that pervade his personal life. He is driven to continually push beyond his personal boundaries while giving back to the community. He regularly spends his time volunteering with his local SAR (Search and Rescue). Outside of work and volunteering, you’ll find him adventuring in the mountains of Colorado by foot, ski, mountain bike, rope, and whitewater SUP..

Maddie Stoddard

Having previously run Talent Acquisition for a multi-brand SaaS company, Maddie brings a unique approach to building teams, simultaneously placing value on high-level strategy and tactical execution.

Her recruiting career spans a variety of industries including tech, CPG, and consulting, with the bulk of her expertise lying in technical recruiting. Maddie is comfortable filling any level of position across business functions and thoroughly enjoys ensuring the hiring process is as smooth and easy as possible for all involved. She is also most passionate about working with innovative companies to improve the everyday human experience.

After a colorful career background sprinkled with a little bit of everything from event planning to marketing, Maddie transitioned into the world of Talent Acquisition. (She’s a self-proclaimed Jill of all trades, so variety is her chosen spice of life!) When not seeking out the best talent for your next hire, you can find her adventuring outside, traveling the globe, or having fun with friends.

Kate Ellenbaum

Kate has 19 years of experience taking a vision and making it happen with 8+ years focused on recruiting. She thrives with an understanding of your business, what it’s trying to accomplish, and how that relates to its people. As a recent member of the recruiting leadership team at Elastic (IPO in 2018), Kate considers herself a strong business partner. Her sweet spot is straddling the strategies necessary to scale recruiting functions alongside efficient and ambitious execution of the details. She can set priorities and break down what needs to happen to ensure success or simply be a consultative sounding board for companies transitioning from agency recruiting to an in-house team or scaling their in-house team, systems, and processes.

Specific to recruiting, Kate takes a high-quality, strategic approach to hiring as efficiently and effectively as possible. Taking care to represent the brands well, she aspires to treat people as they should be treated, whether it’s candidates with their time and interests or clients with their timing and budgets. The bulk of her industry experience in recruiting is in technology, from start-ups to hyper-growth public companies, as well as advertising. In addition, she has recruited virtually every role from finance, accounting, operations, HR, legal, and marketing to product management, IT, software engineering, and sales.

Prior to recruiting, Kate’s first career was in branding and advertising, so Talent Branding may come up relative to advancing each company’s ability to hire not just today but in the future. Outside of work, Kate couldn’t imagine a day without her yoga mat, a great book, hugs, family, and fresh air.

Jason Blyth

Jason brings over 15 years of experience in Sales Management and Talent Acquisition and has thrived in diverse environments from startups to Fortune 500s. After spending the last seven years growing and leading multiple sales teams, Jason recently returned to his original passion, helping companies hire the best talent. Jason is dedicated to helping his clients find the best candidates so that their companies can continue to grow.

Jason’s love of the mountains brought him to Colorado in 2006 and eventually to Whitefish, Montana where he now lives with his beautiful wife and his energetic four-year-old daughter. Aside from spending time with his family, Jason divides his time between way too many hobbies. Trail running, mountaineering, snowboarding, mountain biking, reading, and international travel often enter the mix and he’s currently focused on training for his first 100-mile ultramarathon.