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Fiercely independent, honest to a fault, and hands down the best Talent Advisors in the market. That’s us in a nutshell.

Lee Mebel, PHR

Lee Mebel, PHR

Managing Partner

With more than 15 years of experience in HR and Talent Acquisition for hyper-growth Consumer Product Goods (CPG) companies such as Halo Top and Wild Tonic, Lee understands that a successful business requires high-performing employees to flourish.  Lee is equally comfortable and intimately familiar with large corporations including RE/MAX and Twitter.

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His unique skill set especially augments hiring during the fragile growth cycle from startup to medium-sized companies. He then often replaces himself by developing and executing an in-house talent acquisition strategy for these companies when they’re ready.

Lee brings to his professional life the same energetic zest for adventure and affinity for positive interpersonal relationships that pervade his personal life. He is driven to continually push beyond his personal boundaries while giving back to the community. He regularly spends his time with physically challenged athletes and inner city youth as well as helping out with international disaster recovery efforts. Outside of work and volunteering, you’ll find him adventuring in the mountains of Colorado by foot, ski, mountain bike, rope, and whitewater SUP.

Kathleen Sengco

Kathleen Sengco

Business Development Consultant

A food enthusiast and nature lover, Kathleen is a Business Development Consultant at Alpine Recruiting Company. Before devoting her work full time in this profession, she had worked in a luxury cruise industry with various world’s largest cruise companies, including time on The National Geographic Explorer. When her career ended with the cruise industry after almost 2 decades, she went back to school and acquired a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a Major in Marketing Management.

Jason Blyth

Jason Blyth

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Jason brings over 15 years of experience in Sales Management and Talent Acquisition and has thrived in diverse environments from startups to Fortune 500s. After spending the last seven years growing and leading multiple sales teams, Jason recently returned to his original passion, helping companies hire the best talent. Jason is dedicated to helping his clients find the best candidates so that their companies can continue to grow.

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Jason’s love of the mountains brought him to Colorado in 2006 and eventually to Whitefish, Montana where he now lives with his beautiful wife and his energetic four-year-old daughter. Aside from spending time with his family, Jason divides his time between way too many hobbies. Trail running, mountaineering, snowboarding, mountain biking, reading, and international travel often enter the mix and he’s currently focused on training for his first 100-mile ultramarathon.

Our Culture

As Yvon Chouinard would say, “Let my people go surfing.”
We would say, “Let our people go skiing!”

Life’s too short to miss a powder day.


Flex Work

We trust our team. As long as our team is killing it for our clients, we don’t care when or where they work. Whether it be onsite with one of our clients, a home office or coffee shop,  we are technology enthusiasts who love what we do.

Work That Matters

Yes, we are in the people business, and we take take our jobs seriously. We love connecting amazing people with incredible jobs that will change their lives. This is why we do what we do. We think if you get one life, you might as well make some tracks.

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