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Our Recruiting Models: We offer multiple recruiting options to meet your needs.


We partner with your internal team and work alongside your hiring managers to deliver results at a competitive hourly rate. This model typically saves our clients 50-75% off the average contingency fee. Additionally, we offer a guarantee that your cost-per-hire will not exceed a 15% direct hire fee. We are your on-demand, in-house recruiter.


This model works similarly to your Amazon Prime subscription. You can turn our services off and on as you need us on a monthly basis. RaaS involves a monthly cost with a nominal success fee for each hire. Take advantage of our robust recruiting infrastructure for a fraction of the cost of an internal recruiting resource. This model is ideal for hyper-growth companies with ongoing hiring of more than one position per month.


When a pandemic hits, workloads spike, or an unexpected project lands, we have your contract staffing needs covered. This model provides our clients with​ a ​risk-​​mitigation strategy​ ​to offload the costs and commitment of a full-time person with a contractor. Whether it’s one month or one year, we have the people to meet your needs.

Our Traditional Model

Not your grandfather’s contingency model. We offer a volume discount in which each additional hire costs you less than the previous hire. The more we deliver, the less you pay.
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Alpine Hourly ModelRecruiting as a Service (RaaS) Alpine Contract Services (ACS)Traditional Model (Direct Hire)
Built for:Built for:Built for:Built for:
Companies looking to escape the outdated contingency- model. Think “consultant” for recruiting.Fast-growing companies hiring 2+ roles that anticipate continued hiring. Think “Amazon Prime” for recruiting.Think “no-obligation” hiring. Organizations looking to mitigate risk and commitment by leveraging contract staffing.Companies comfortable with a direct hire placement fee. You can count on speed and our consultative approach with our direct hire offering.
Hourly consulting fee. NO placement fee.Small monthly fee + nominal Success Fee.Pricing depends on engagement. Normally involves a markup of a contractor’s pay rate.A percentage of the candidate’s first-year salary
No hire will cost more than 20% of their starting salary, GUARANTEED.No hire will cost more than 20% of their starting salary, GUARANTEED.No need to take on the costs of hiring a permanent employee.The more you use us the less you pay.
Mutually aligned incentives to remove the transactional nature of recruiting.Mutually aligned incentives to remove the transactional nature of recruiting.Hire EXACTLY who and what you need as you need it, until you don’t.Zero risk until we find you the perfect candidate.
You own ALL the data.You own ALL the data.Transparency at it’s best.Consultative at its core.
The average cost per hire is 50-75% less than outdated contingency fees.The average cost per hire is less than half of outdated contingency fees.Typically costs less than hiring a full-time employee.Ensure your employer brand stays intact with our high-touch search.
Become a partner, rather than a client valued by the last commission check.Become a priority, rather than a “dollar value” client with a contingency firm.Manage your employees and focus on growth while we do the recruiting.Our team does the work to find, screen, and present you a shortlist of top talent. You need the best Talent Advisors to attract the best candidates.

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