For over a year we’ve been partnering with companies to help them hire the best talent in the business. We are excited to announce that we have expanded our services to include HR. This will allow us to partner with companies on a deeper level and help them create scalable programs to support their growth.

One question we often hear is, “Why do I need HR? I’m managing all of those tasks by myself.” We hope to answer that question here.

HR manages your documentation and compliance

All companies regardless of size need some sort of HR. When a company is in the 5-15 person range these needs are likely to be mostly administrative. This includes:

  • I-9 form
  • Medical file
  • Employee file
  • Payroll
  • Anti-discrimination laws
  • Wage and hour laws
  • Leave laws
  • Immigration laws
  • Benefits laws
  • Safety laws

Whew! That’s a long list. Each one of these is crucial for avoiding costly errors. Bringing in someone to help manage it will save you many late nights on Google trying to make sure you are in compliance. This will free you up to focus on other high priority items within your organization.

HR helps manage the entire employee lifecycle

When you first started the company you probably had a couple of employees that knew each other so well they could read each other’s minds. Now you’re at the exciting next stage: bringing new people into your company.

As you grow your HR needs grow, too. As a founder, you care about each and every person that joins your company. But how does that translate to different programs? At this stage you should start thinking about the following programs:

  • Hiring Process 
  • Benefits (medical, 401k, vacation, etc.)
  • Onboarding 
  • Performance Feedback

Right now we are in a very tight labor market. Finding and keeping top talent is top of mind for small and large companies alike. Creating strong HR programs out of the gate will increase employee performance, engagement, and loyalty, which in turn will help your business achieve its objectives and accomplish its mission.

HR helps set you up for future growth

Once your company has decided on how to engage its workforce and develop talent, your company will be more sustainable and ready for the future.

HR can help your company tackle some of the following critical questions and issues that will come up as you grow:

  • What is the right hiring plan?
  • What are our company values?
  • How do we train our managers for the next stage?
  • What company goals should we prioritize?
  • How do we continue hearing from employees as we grow?

This is just a general overview of areas where HR can help. Every company will look different. That’s why we take a partnership approach. It’s important to get a good understanding of what stage your company is in right now so we can help provide the right HR guidance for you.