Handling Layoffs Gracefully Matters

The research is crystal clear: the success of your company is intimately tied to your employees’ perception of how you care about them. As millennials become a larger percentage of the workforce, this becomes more apparent. So when events like Covid-19 arise, and you’re forced to lay off employees, it’s important to ensure you handle them gracefully. If the severed employees think it’s cold, this will jeopardize the health and spirit of your company.

Taking off the business hat for a moment – you owe it to your team to soften the blow of layoffs as much as possible. Your team is your company, and they’ve given precious time and energy to build and sustain your vision. So when circumstances put their livelihoods at risk, you can show gratitude by helping get them set up with their next opportunity.

How We Can Help

As experts in this field, we’re better suited than anyone else to help your furloughed employees find new opportunities. At the end of the day, hiring is about connections, and no one has more connections with hiring managers than a team of seasoned recruiters. Beyond that, we offer these services to help optimize the job hunt:

  • Rebuilding and optimizing CV and candidate profile (LinkedIn)
  • Helping contact and get noticed by ideal employers
  • Negotiation assistance
  • Interview preparation
  • Strategic career consulting

If you’re in the difficult position of carrying out layoffs, and you want to put your employees in a position to succeed, reach out. We’d be happy to chat about how our Employment Transition Services can help. 

Photo by James Yarema on Unsplash